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Articles written about our Company in local newspaper.

Article Published September 29, 2010, written by Rob Perry of the Aylmer Express.

New Home for Vector Electric

Vector Electric Company Ltd., a 33 year old Aylmer-area business, has moved from its original home south of town in Malahide to new quarters on the north side of Highway 3, west of Orwell, in Central Elgin.  Owner Rob Henderson said the move just made financial sense.  The business is now housed in a converted barn on his home property, rather than in rented quarters.  Dennis Pesall founded Vector in 1977, specializing in industrial controls but also providing related electrical services to many area tobacco growers.

Mr. Henderson joined the business in 1998 as a co-op student on a placement from East Elgin Secondary School, and was taken on full-time by Mr. Pesall that same summer.  Mr. Henderson said he liked the work, and attended night classes at Fanshawe College while working for Vector.  He received his Industrial Electrician Certification in 2003 and, continuing his education, his Construction Maintenance Qualification in November 2009.  He was recognized as a Master Electrician in May 2007.  Mr. Henderson took over Vector Electric two years ago, and also kept on customer service representative Nancy Steenbergen, who had joined the company in 2000.  During the last two years, he's spent his spare moments converting a small barn on his home property into new quarters for the business.

The big move came in May of this year and "we're so glad we're done doing that," he chuckled.
Ms. Steenbergen recalled, "we packed boxes and we got busy."  Vector kept a large inventory of electrical parts in stock, in case one was needed for a customer repair. Packing all those up, while keeping track of them as customers still wanted urgent repairs done, and then moving and unpacking them, was a considerable effort.

Mr. Henderson's home is a farm formerly owned by his grandparents. He rents out the fields to farmers, though he wouldn't mind doing a little bit himself someday.  The barn had a total of about 3,500 square feet of renovated space, about 600 more that Vector's former site.   He said that they were very comfortable in the new quarters.  He noted that during the economic downturn he had more time in the months leading up to the move to complete renovations, but now business was picking back up.

Vector's business base remained about the same as in the past, but with some losses due to the closing of Imperial Tobacco in Aylmer and other industrial plants in nearby communities.  While trade had been steady since Vector moved, he said, his construction maintenance qualification meant he could also branch into residential repairs and renovations.
He'd already hooked up a couple of hot tubs, he said, and could do much more.  Having the qualification meant Vector could grow into that end of the electrical business at any time it became desirable.

Mr. Henderson said Vector's reputation was built on providing quick, high-quality service to customers whenever needed.
Ms. Steenbergen added the business's reputation stretched back to its founding, and was highly valued by Vector.
Mr. Henderson said no job was too large or too small for Vector, and emergency repairs were available around the clock.
He could even do small appliance repairs, a service that was becoming increasingly hard to find.

Vector is open Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm and Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm.